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In light of the national health experts recommending that the public limit contact with others, there have been some borrower concerns regarding appraisal inspections.

To complete a full appraisal, an appraiser must enter the home and make a visual inspection which may or may not include the attic space. The appraiser may also need to measure the rooms in the home using their equipment; however, most of the measurements are done on the exterior of the home. Inspections require very little contact with surfaces, and appraisers will make every effort to avoid doing so. The appraiser may be wearing gloves, a mask or ask our borrowers if they have had a known exposure to the Coronavirus. This level of precaution and communication is essential to the task at hand and public safety.

There are things a borrower can do as well. 

  • Before the inspection appointment, ask the appraiser if they have had any known exposure.
  • Ask the appraiser if attic access is needed. If yes, have the access open before the appraiser's arrival. Appraisers will have and utilize their ladder.
  • Right before the inspection, have doors to all rooms open and unobstructed. This way, the appraiser can move freely through the house.
  • Turn on all lights in all rooms so the appraiser can avoid touching light switches.
  • When the appraiser arrives, offer hand sanitizer or gloves if the appraiser is not already wearing them.
  • Homeowners and tenants should vacate the home or maintain a 6-foot distance from the appraiser.
  • Be the appraiser's hands during the inspection while remaining at a distance. Appraisers may need to see the stove working, a toilet flushed, or water turned on. The borrower can do these things for the appraiser, so the appraiser does not have to touch these surfaces.

Rest assured that appraisers are being advised to self-quarantine if symptoms are present and to establish safety protocol for interior inspections, which may include discussing potential exposure with the borrower, refraining from touching surfaces, thoroughly washing hands before and after inspections, use protective gloves and masks (if available), etc.

CDC Link "How to Protect Yourself" page which has comprehensive information:

How to Protect Yourself


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Market Research

Three Approaches to Value

There are three ways to determine the value of anything, and each plays a part in property appraisal:

• Sales Comparison Approach—based upon the value of what similar properties have sold for in the vicinity with appropriate adjustments to time, acreage, living area, amenities, and so on.
• Cost Approach—based upon the cost of replacing the property minus accrued depreciation.
• Income Approach—based upon the income property may generate.  May not apply to owner-occupied residential property.


Home Seller Services

If you are planning to sell your home, it might be a wise decision to make a small investment in a professional appraisal. Unless you study real estate values on a day-to-day basis, as a professional appraiser does, it's difficult for you to get a handle on real estate values. We aren't talking about how much you have invested in your home, how much you paid for it, or how much you want for it. We're talking about the true market value of your home, which could really pay off for you in the long run!

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What's Your Home Worth?

What is your home worth today?  
One of the best ways to correctly price your home when selling is to contact your local home appraiser. This is by far the easiest way to correctly price your home.

You could find out how many other homes, similar to your own, recently sold in your neighborhood, but will you have access to detailed information about the transaction and/or the quality and condition of the homes sold. Also, talking to other home sellers or buyers may not provide you with the necessary information to accurately price your home.
Finally, the real estate market dictates the price of your home, not what you think it is worth.

Finally, the real estate market dictates the price of your home, not what you think it is worth.


Selling Your Home? Start with a To-Do List

Thinking of selling your home? How you present, your home is crucial in the selling process. Keep the following in mind when working on your home presentation:

  • Buyers love clean and attractive homes.
  • Make it spacious by removing all clutter.
  • Consider re-painting rooms that need some TLC.
  • Curb appeal is important; trim trees, flowers, fix broken steps, etc.—mow the lawn!
  • Eliminate personal items, such as that stuffed bear in the family room.

Pre-Listing Appraisal

Pre-Listing Appraisal

Is a pre-listing appraisal right for you? Be sure to contact us when making this decision
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Selling Your Home? Start with a To-Do List

Have a great summer!  Consolidated Appraisal Services can accomplish all your appraisal needs. Call 509-576-8033.